Part Time Educators

Participation in Q-Comp/Teacher Evaluation

All part time teachers are eligible to receive the full incentive by notifying the Q-Comp Coordinator no later than September 29th  that they will complete 100% of the Q-Comp requirements (3 observations, completion of a PGP, and full participation in a PLC)

Teachers whose assignment is .1 to .4 FTE who work less than 537 hours per year may opt out of Q-Comp due to scheduling conflicts. This will be handled on a case by case basis.  A teacher must notify the Q-Comp Coordinator by September 29th of the school year.  When a teacher opts out of the Q-Comp program they may no longer access any portion of the Q-Comp stipend.  Teachers will also be required to complete an alternate evaluation process to meet the requirements of state law.

Special Circumstances

Teachers who work a partial year due to late hire, severed employment (by the district), leave of absence, or retirement will be eligible for all incentive payments, with the pay incentives prorated by the number of observations and PLC participation completed during the school year.